The Blk Prnt

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Black souls navigate life

Taken for granted

Constantly mocked

The style, the mannerisms

First ignored then taught

Never for sale but always bought

I am your inspiration

For all things envisioned

What you’ve done, I serve as the blueprint

Only speaking to those who choose to listen

Never translating for those who don’t get it

You can copy the flow, but you can’t copy what I know

I am the Blk Prnt

For all things you’ve been shown.

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What becomes of us when I no longer fit you anymore When we’ve grown in different directions and I’m no longer apart of your puzzle Our edges have been ripped, bent and torn apart So we don’t fit tog


He who does not remember he is half woman Nurtured by blood Fed through milk He does not know when he disrespects she He disrespects me He fights against his own essence of being Grown from power Live


I pray you find comfort I pray you release When the night is still, I hope your dreams move you May your thoughts nurture you And your past teach you I pray you learn everything I couldn’t teach I hop


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